About Us

BMB Technology is a major manufacturer of water purification systems to the worldwide water filtration industry, where we have been advancing water filtration technologies for more than 10 years. With the ongoing and growing demand for high quality drinking water, coupled with the deteriorating conditions of the global water supply, water purification manufacturers are challenged to mass produce highly sophisticated devices. To keep pace and meet challenging production requirements, BMB Technology invests heavily in the manufacturing of highly versatile and reliable water purification equipment at a fair cost.

BMB’s recent graduation from a regional manufacturer in Europe to a global supplier has helped to create a broad portfolio of complementary product capabilities that includes BMB’s leadership in design, reverse osmosis, nano filtration and digital control. The company is well positioned to lead the global water filtration industry through the next critical technology transitions.

With corporate headquarters located in beautiful Izmir, Turkey, BMB maintains a state of the art manufacturing facility to meet the complex and changing needs of its global customer base.